16, December 2012(nothing was same again)


Now as the bone chilling cold has lost its shiver ,
I remember we have lost someone, with amazing vigour..

The day I felt like this society is sold,
Who could never help this girl ,who was damm bold…

But the questions are’t only for her soul’s salvation,
It is about the crime,the society,the victims in their own isolation…

Who are these “are they HUMAN” they might ask you in face,
But you can’t just remember to suggest that one cirtain case…..

That, when you were alone and caught up yourselves in the middle of these hounds,
Those who set their prancing eyes on you ,
shaming and bringing most of humanity to ground……

these incidents are not isolated in months or years,
as these are daily dose of these perverts, moving without fear……

they roam around everywhere, in your daily lives fixture,
and they are’t distinguished by age,race,jobs,religion, as they are a complete mixture……

but grumping about this n all,is’t going to give these girls solace ,
turning around , listening them will definitely give them chance to coalasce……

then also there is’t a cirtainity that these instances, will get off the parts of our lives,
as they say that some minds are so sick to cure,that you can’t even think what their brain imbibes……

the times have caught all of us unassuming,
but the wiser ones had foretold about these dangers looming……

the days have filled us with remorse and everyone’s eyes with tears,
I ask you all just where is INDIA , where is our world,
“where head is held high and mind is without fear”

No we haven’t lost a courageous soul from inside our culture,
Because a soul can’t live in this society of “porn licking vultures”…….

No we are’t ready ,I say for this capitalistic journey We have embarkesd on,
Because this dawn off this new year has made us more cramped ,
Has led us to the times forgone…….

This world needs a saviour in form of our insurmountable spirit,
Yes we will fight to the end for her, as we feel her gaze every second, each minute……..

I warn you guys that a time will come,
When power struggles with men, women would overcome,
We could never stop them be it either you or me,
As they would rise up together,in swarms as sea,
That day would hit you hard, as you always dreaded to see…….




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Limericks for the day

Limerick 1-

Once I sat out to write a Limerick,
Thought it would give me a kick,
Nowhere it went from this,
Short like you blink & u miss,
Still gave me enough to pick…….

Limerick 2-

Schiba was going to the city mall,
Texting along way, she hit the wall,
Right away she got a slump,
On head was a big round bump,
And everybody else around had a ball……


Limerick 3-

She went in the rising storm,
Felt nothing could ever do harm,
Long limbed lass,
Complete with fatass,
She followed rules but was against norm…..

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You know what sis, the love I never comprehended,
The way you bailed me out, in situations I was stranded,
You put me to fight again, whenever I lost & surrended,
The pains, the strivings you took, were emoluments which never ended………..

I never got the idea, of the bullish ways of yours,
You were the biggest of us all, the real inspiration source,
I know I was annoying, but.., then also you never put force,
You were the shinning sun, in my life’s running course……………

Though, I can’t put all my feelings at present to word,
I am just writing, on pieces that I have heard,
The love & compassion are abound, in instances which occurred,
“Our bond has something special, it does drive me on,

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Something about my heritage city-LUCKNOW


The world have had enough of these Mumbai’s, Kolkata’s and Delhi,
Now is time of a rising star with lots of fire in its belly……………………………

The one with rich cultural heritage and the patronage of enigmatic Nawabs,
Where people have golden hearts, open arms and the cuisine is just Lajawab………

Though it never basked in glory as other megacities which came to the country’s fore,
As it always had essence of Tehzeeb which kept it aground till today from times before

It isn’t called “City of Nawabs” for arrogance or affluence of some rulers in the past,
But because it has maintained that humility by saying Pahle-Aap as here ‘I’ always comes last

The closely knit social fabric has formed through
all-encompassing love for tunday kebab and ganj,
As old timers, youngsters even kids celebrate this heritage soaking it in like sponge…..

Each city has its own charm, own form and its own face over the time,
And this city has all that together in a society which is coming to its prime………..

From the past many years it has seen its borders grow,
encroachments and uncontrolled migrations coming in
And it has accepted one and all with philosophy of ‘HUM’ so that only society ever wins…..

You can Passover or visit larger and developed places all over world and even inside the country’s limits…….
And even then not see an idea, a message such strong emanating through this geography with no worthy name which it befits…………………ver=1263823049&sig=f4xots

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Some Limericks

A quirky limerick..... As expected from those

A quirky limerick…..
As expected from those

Another one………

She left us in lurch,
I went after in search,
Is she busy,
Feels too easy,
Reply me please after reaching your perch……

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